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China Consumer 2023: UK Consumer Brands Meet Leading China Partners & Influencers

British companies received live feedback on their brand from prominent Chinese influencers and got the chance to meet China’s most successful retailers and distributors on day 2 of China Consumer 2023

by Robynne Tindall
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The second day of the China-Britain Business Council’s China Consumer 2023 programme took place on 5 July in CBBC’s London office and online, with British consumer brands offered a rare platform from which to meet with leading China partners and Chinese influencers and student ambassadors

Following the China Consumer Conference Day and CBBC’s Summer Reception – which took place on 4 July at Mayfair’s No.4 Hamilton Place and attracted over 200 delegates – the second day of activities under CBBC’s flagship consumer event generated a lot of buzz, with the exchange of fresh ideas and insights, as well as the generation of tangible next steps for participating UK brands in the China market, high on the agenda.

The event also included an exclusive afternoon private view of ARgENTUM Apothecary and a reception at their London venue

Meet the China Partner

The day kicked off with Meet the China Partner, which was held online as well as at CBBC’s London office, with select China buyers attending in person for the first time since before the pandemic.

Zhu Dan, Business Operations Director, Douyin International, presents at the Meet the China Partner session at CBBC’s London Office

UK Consumer brands interested in meeting some of China’s most successful retailers and distributors of UK consumer products took part in the session, which gave them the opportunity to meet and build relationships with four pre-warmed buyers, with dedicated follow-up support from CBBC included post-event.

Participating importers and distributors included:

Participating digital marketing and e-commerce agencies included:

Participating e-commerce platforms included:

View the full list of Chinese Partners who took part here.

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Chinese Influencer Programme

Following the Meet the China Partner session, the Chinese Influencer Programme took place in the afternoon at CBBC’s London office in Westminster.

Held in partnership with Influencer Hub International, in this interactive session, UK Consumer brands in attendance received valuable live feedback on their brand from dynamic London-based Chinese influencers.

Kiltane takes part in The Meet the Influencer session at CBBC’s London Office

The participating Chinese influencers were:

  • UKZone: Leading UK-Chinese influencer covering lifestyle, culture and news (total followers on Xiaohongshu & Weibo: 610,000)
  • Ms Xiaoji in London: UK news/lifestyle blogger with a significant UK-based Chinese international student audience (total followers on Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Bilibili & WeChat: 400,000)
  • Liujie: Multi-industry female entrepreneur, leading lifestyle influencer and high-end lifestyle expert. She is also a pet lover (total followers on Xiaohongshu & Weibo: 74,000)
  • Mary: Fashion and cultural influencer with a focus on street interviews (total followers on Xiaohongshu: 15,000)
  • Kayla | 29士多店(每日必更!: Shares insights on her lifestyle in the UK and China, as well as tips and information on food and beauty (total followers on Xiaohongshu: 5,700)
  • Taoci: High-end lifestyle influencer in the UK, shares work experience insights in the UK. Her followers are mostly interested in UK culture (total followers Xiaohonghsu: 5,600)
  • Vickiyu: Shares experiences of her lifestyle in the UK and China, as well as family and home renovation insights (total followers on Xiaohongshu: 3,300)

Each of the participating influencers brought their own unique perspective to the event, with expertise in areas ranging from fashion and lifestyle to food and drink to beauty. Each of the influencers has an impressive follower count and presence across key Chinese social media and social commerce channels, including Xiaohongshu, Bilibili, Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok), Weibo, Instagram, and WeChat.

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UK Consumer brands took advantage of this chance to engage in a live Q&A session with influencers to discuss any queries they have in relation to consumer perceptions, including but not limited to new product launches, packaging, trends, shopping behaviour and market strategies.

The session provided unique and meaningful insights that will help participating brands to make strategic decisions, innovate and grow in the Chinese market going forward.

Following the conclusion of the Influencers Session, guests had the chance to attend an exclusive afternoon private viewing of skincare brand ARgENTUM Apothecary at the brand’s London venue.

Guests mingle at ARgENTUM Apothecary

Guests sampled the brand’s luxury products and enjoyed the chance to hear from Founder & CEO Joy Isaacs on her vision for the brand, as well as her experiences in the Chinese market.

For further enquiries about China Consumer 2023, please email Antoaneta.Becker@cbbc.org or Celine.Tang@cbbc.org

To enquire about membership at CBBC, please email membership@cbbc.org or visit cbbc.org/membership

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