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CBBC launches project to support British higher education in China

by Tom Clayburn
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The China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) has launched its Comprehensive Higher Education Strategy Service (CHESS). The service will enable institutions to interpret significant policy changes in the sector and manage circumstances impacted by evolving social, economic and political developments

With over 200,000 Chinese students currently enrolled at UK universities, Chinese students remain one of the largest international student cohorts in the country, making a significant contribution to Britain’s higher education sector and regional economies. In 2021, Chinese students contributed £2.1 billion (7% of all revenue) to the UK’s education sector.

There are over 950 transnational education (TNE) programmes available in China, providing half a million students with qualifications from international education centres. More than 60,000 Chinese students are currently pursuing a UK qualification via a TNE programme, enabling them access to Britain’s world-leading higher education services from the Chinese Mainland.

With an increased demand for TNE programmes and a growing student body, it is essential that British universities have a clear understanding of contemporary TNE in China, key market trends, and the geopolitical factors that impact strategy.

CBBC has now launched the first in a series of CHESS reports, ‘Transnational Education in China Today’, enabling universities to devise and optimise their approach to the China market and build up their capacity in the country.

The report highlights trends, explains cooperative frameworks and revenue and tax considerations, and enables higher education centres the opportunity to evaluate their approaches to developing effective TNE partnerships in the China market.

As well as this newly released report and a series of others throughout the year, CHESS will also include workshops and tailored insights for UK higher education institutes.

“The programme’s insights into the key discussion points and policies affecting exchanges and cooperation in education will be relevant whether your institution already has an advanced China footprint with a dedicated team on the ground through CBBC’s Launchpad or your own office; your focus is on partnerships driving marketing, student recruitment, and transnational education (TNE); or you are seeking to expand your China activities,” said Andrew Seaton, Chief Executive of the China-Britain Business Council.

Click here to read more about the benefits of CHESS and how to sign up

For more information about CHESS and the ‘Transnational Education in China Today’ report, contact CBBC’s Education Sector Lead, Thomas Clayburn, on thomas.clayburn@cbbc.org

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