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China-Britain Insights: What China’s domestic agenda means for you

by Tom Pattinson
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CBBC launches China-Britain Insights (CB Insights), a series of new, member-exclusive briefings that examine China from a macro perspective

The first in the series will be held this month and is titled: China’s Domestic Agenda, what it means for you.

The context: This March, two of China’s most influential political bodies meet at the Two Sessions to decide the formal political priorities for the Chinese government over the coming year. In 2021, this session coincides with the adoption of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, which outlines Beijing’s development priorities for the next five years.

Following an economically and politically challenging year, the question is, how will Beijing respond? The panel will decipher what these policy settings will mean for global business, domestic consumers, and the Chinese government.

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The topics: The panel will address questions such as how will China respond to the global economic headwinds from Covid-19? What is the government’s domestic reform agenda for 2021, and what does this mean for business? Moreover, how will China manage its environmental and energy policy in light of recent commitments to carbon neutrality by 2060?

The speakers: Raymond Yeung, Chief Economist Greater China for ANZ Bank; Dr Jin Zhang, University Lecturer (Associate Professor) & Deputy Director of the China Executive Leadership Programme (CELP) at Judge Business School, Cambridge University; and Torsten Weller, Policy Analyst for the China-Britain Business Council

The event will take place on 25th March from 09.30-10.30 (GMT) / 17.30 – 18.30 (CST) and CBBC members should register for the event in advance. 


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