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Video: How one UK business sold tea to China

by Antoaneta Becker
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A new video series produced by Alibaba explores the role China has played in the growth of three British brands with a particular focus on the challenges of expanding internationally amid the Covid-19 pandemic. First up: Teapigs.

One of the many things that British and Chinese consumers share is a love of tea. That meant that for British brand Teapigs, China was a natural stepping stone in their international expansion. But how could the brand compete with long-established traditional tea producers and varieties?

A partnership with Alibaba offered the insights Teapigs needed to grow in the China market without going head to head with traditional Chinese teas, including forecasting popular flavours and advising clear brand positioning. For example, Teapigs found that sweet and indulgent flavours like their chocolate flake tea and rooibos creme caramel, which are not top sellers in the UK, perform particularly well in China. Another key learning has been the need to provide lots of interesting, engaging information for consumers to browse, especially when introducing new and inventive product lines.

Hear more about Teapigs’s China journey and their partnership with Alibaba in the video below as co-founder of Teapigs Louise Cheadle speaks to retail and consumer expert and founder of SW Retail Advisors, Stacey Widlitz.

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