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Meet the keynote speakers for the UK-China Business Forum 2023

From British ambassador China Caroline Wilson to HSBC's Global Chief Economist, don't miss your chance to hear from experts on the ground about UK China business prospects in 2023

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As China re-opens for business following the removal of its zero covid policy, don’t miss this chance to attend CBBC’s flagship UK-China Business Forum on 15 March

Our line-up of senior speakers from business, academia and government will discuss the prospects for trade with China supporting post-pandemic economic growth, revitalising UK exports, and stimulating regional investment opportunities.

Indeed, China and the UK face many of the same challenges: rebuilding economic growth while making the transition to Net Zero, dealing with technological change, and addressing growing disparities in regional economic development.

Business links and trade and investment have a key role to play in tackling these challenges through the investment, technology and expertise they mobilise, helping to accelerate the transition to a greener economy, catalyse innovation, and tackle regional inequalities.

There has never been a better time to look ahead to the outlook for UK-China business, so make sure you join us for this opportunity to explore UK-China trade relations, the policy environment in both countries, and how UK businesses can capitalise on green trade and investment opportunities.

Introducing our keynote speakers

Achieving Sustainable Trade in the Digital Age

Centring on the theme of ‘Sustainable Trade and Investment in the Digital Age’, our full-day conference will explore the current state of UK-China trade relations, the policy environment in both countries, and how businesses can capitalise on green trade and investment opportunities in the post-Covid era.

Key Topics:

  • China-UK Relations and Trade Opportunities in the post-Covid Era
  • The Climate Emergency and UK-China Net Zero Partnerships
  • Seizing New Opportunities in The Greater Bay Area (GBA)
  • British Brands and China’s New Generation of Sustainable Consumers
  • UK-China Education Partnerships: Sustainability and Diversity
  • Tech for Global Good: UK-China Collaboration in Science and Technology
  • UK-China Partnerships in Green Finance and Sustainable Investment

Explore some of our session themes in more depth

The Outlook for UK-China Education Partnerships in 2023
Despite the pandemic, Chinese students are still keen on coming to the UK for higher education – but British universities still need to keep several factors in mind.

Why Eco-Conscious Brands will Succeed in China in 2023
As Chinese consumers become more discerning about the origins of the products they buy, smaller brands like Hunter and Rothy’s can have the edge over the likes of Zara and Nike – here’s how to follow their lead.

Explained: China & the UK’s Green Finance Initiatives
It’s been a year since Xi Jinping and Boris Johnson sat down to discuss the UK and China’s cooperation in green financial services: Here’s how the finance sector can benefit from China’s environmentally friendly initiatives in 2023.

What China’s Reopening means for British Business
Now that China’s zero covid policy has been ditched, how can UK businesses capitalise on the country’s newfound desire for better healthcare, fulfilling travel experiences and premium quality products?

How Close are the UK and China to Reaching Net Zero?
With their governments behind them, companies in the UK and China have been working hard to achieve the two countries’ net zero targets across fields from green finance to clean transportation and the urban energy transition – even working in partnership in some cases.

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