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How UK educational institutions are responding to the changing Covid-19 situation

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Despite the ongoing pandemic, the number of Chinese students seeking higher education and post-graduate opportunities in the UK remains high. How can UK educational institutions support these students?

As Covid-19 rapidly changes the market environment for mainland Chinese students entering UK higher education institutions in both China and the UK, understanding the new market environment and adapting to these changes has become more important than ever.

It is important for universities to monitor the information flows around their online presence, especially during the pandemic. David Cai from Sower International Education Group points to Douyin as a rising potential platform for creating high online awareness of universities, notably the breadth and well-roundedness of their degree offerings.

In order to achieve high online awareness among students and their parents, universities should understand Douyin’s ecosystem and the logic behind establishing a successful official Douyin account. According to David, there are eight dimensions that need to be considered before filming a short video for a platform like Douyin:

  1. Account positioning
  2. Industry positioning
  3. Content positioning
  4. Content framework
  5. Script creation
  6. Method of presenting content
  7. Account management system
  8. How the account will be operated and by whom
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Apart from marketing and communications, universities should also be aware of more practical considerations. Many students are naturally concerned about the process of travel during the pandemic, but UK universities offer comprehensive quarantine and testing support for students. For example, students arriving in the UK from China will need to quarantine in their student accommodation for 10 days and take a Covid-19 test on days two and eight. The UK government has also streamlined and simplified the visa pathways on offer to Chinese students, including the student route and the newly reinstated graduate route.

Click here to read more about the ways in which educational institutions are adapting to the changing market in the face of Covid-19. The information in this article was originally presented in a webinar on 29 July 2021.

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