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British brands in China should take part in this tour

If you're looking to improve your brand awareness in China among employees and decision makers at leading MNCs, the Brands of Britain tour is just the ticket – here's how it can help your business

by Antoaneta Becker
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The Brands of Britain Tour is a newly established programme launching next year which aims to bring together UK brands with multinational corporations and state-owned enterprises in Beijing and Shanghai

The China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) has developed the Brands of Britain Tour to help British brands grow their customer base and boost brand awareness among target audiences. The Brands of Britain Tour is a programme through which we will visit the headquarters of multinational corporations (MNC), large Chinese enterprises, high-end retailers and luxury hotel groups on a regular basis and share with them samples and trials of products and services from the programme’s participating brands.

Tours will be conducted monthly, and participating brands can subscribe to participate on a quarterly or annual basis.

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Why join?

Joining the Brands of Britain Tour will allow you to:

  • Improve your brand awareness in China among employees and decision-makers at leading MNCs.
  • Connect with purchasing managers to develop potential new distribution channels through their companies’ employee group purchases or VIP customer rewards.
  • Provide target consumers the chance to try your products and learn about your brand’s story.
  • Interact with target consumers through CBBC and receive direct consumer feedback about your products and services.

Bringing a true brand experience to our consumers and collecting the resulting insights is an important part of our strategy for China. CBBC has supported us in various ways on our journey in China, one of which was by making introductions to a large bank in Shanghai to provide wellbeing and team-building tea tasting workshops for their employees. Importantly, CBBC had the networks to connect us to the right team within the bank, such that within just a few weeks our masterclass programme was up and running, with great success. – Lexie Morris, former General Manager, China, for Whittard of Chelsea on CBBC’s British Heritage Brand Workshop

Brands of Britain Tour calendar

We will organise the Brands of Britain Tour into four themed periods of three months, with three tours taking place each month. Below is our tour calendar for the year 2023 detailing each period’s designated theme.

Health & Wellness, January-March 2023
Lunar New Year marks the end of winter and the start of spring. This period of new beginnings is the opportune time for people to consider personal health and wellness. The theme will give centre stage to super foods, dietary supplements, skincare and cosmetics and other related products. We will also have a dedicated programme for women’s health in celebration of International Women’s Day in March.

Into the Wild, April-June 2023
With the weather warming up and May holiday on the minds of Chinese consumers, Q2 is the ideal time to take a break from the city. For Into the Wild, our second theme of the year, we will introduce UK products made for the outdoors, including some finger food and snacks suitable for an alfresco lunch.

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Reunions & Gathering, July-September 2023
Our third theme, Reunions & Gatherings, is timed to coincide with graduation ceremonies in the late summer and family gatherings for Mid-Autumn Festival. This is the best time to introduce a selection of classic British gifts, such as British tableware, tea sets, home decoration, and cooking appliances. Join us for recommendations of the best English afternoon tea and Chinese mooncake pairings.

Joy & Festivities, October-December 2023
Joy & Festivities will be the final theme of the calendar year, during which we will introduce a variety of UK toys, home decorations and alcoholic drinks, including beer, cider, gin, rum, and whisky, to coincide with the holiday season and China’s Double 11 shopping festival.

What is included in the tours?


  • Conduct a consultation call with you to understand your goals and expectations
  • Collect samples from your distributors and trade partners
  • Share with you the tour schedule and event agenda

During the tour

  • Present your brands at the event and introduce the brands’ unique selling points and stories
  • Organise tastings and encourage people to share their experiences on WeChat and Weibo, two of China’s largest social media platforms
  • Collect feedback
  • Connect with the procurement teams of the targeted companies if available, and gauge interest in group buys


  • Submit on a monthly basis an event summary with pictures and feedback
  • Connect you with purchasing managers, if available, and coordinate group buys with your China distributors and trade partners
  • Share posts about each month’s Brands of Britain Tour on our WeChat and Weibo to introduce the participating brands and featured products

Click here for the full agenda of the Brands of Britain Tour 

If you are interested in participating in the Brands of Britain Tour, please email Antoaneta Becker (Director, Consumer Economy, UK) at Antoaneta.Becker@cbbc.org or Ran Guo (Director, Consumer Economy, China) at Ran.Guo@cbbc.org.

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