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Does your university have a China strategy?

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China-Britain Business Council is delighted to launch its Comprehensive Higher Education Strategy Service (CHESS) for 2022, providing access to a range of practical quarterly workshops, insights, and reports for UK higher education institutions.

Whether you already have an advanced China footprint with a dedicated team on the ground through CBBC’s Launchpad or you are seeking to expand your China activity, CHESS can help you to drive forward your China strategy.

Despite the challenges to the sector caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of Chinese students attending UK universities has continued to rise, growing by 34% over the last five years.

With over 200,000 Chinese students currently enrolled at UK universities, Chinese students are the largest international student cohort in the UK, making a significant contribution to the UK’s higher education sector and regional economies. Applications via UCAS from Chinese students wishing to undertake an undergraduate course in the UK have also grown by 12% to 28,930 in 2021.

In 2021, Chinese students contributed £2.1 billion (7% of all revenue) to the UK’s education sector. British academic institutions continue to thrive whilst developing partnerships with Chinese academic institutions, and there are currently 950 transnational education (TNE) programmes available in China, enabling over 60,000 Chinese students each year to study towards a UK qualification.

CBBC recognises the importance of China’s higher education market to the UK, and CHESS will provide your institution with the external expertise, resources, and guidance to help you shape, pivot and implement a future-proofed China strategy.

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What is the Comprehensive Higher Education Strategy Service (CHESS)?

CHESS draws upon sector insights and perspectives from CBBC’s Education Team in both the UK and China, together with experts from professional institutions, Chinese partners and CBBC’s member organisations. Such a comprehensive service will enable your institution to interpret significant policy changes in the sector and manage circumstances impacted by evolving social, economic, and political developments. You will have access to:

  • Four reports presented quarterly throughout the year, covering transnational education trends and higher education policies, data security, R&D, Intellectual Property (IP), as well as an annual summary report.
  • Four workshops, run on a quarterly basis, covering policy interpretation, financial frameworks, tax and legal considerations and best practice in data protection and individual information protection.
  • Explanatory presentations will be provided which will explore the topics raised by the reports, and individual clinic sessions will be available during the workshops to provide participants with advanced knowledge and understanding, as well as the opportunity to interact and network with fellow participants.

There will be one workshop organised and one report released per quarter (in June, September and December 2022, and in March 2023). The sequence of the topics may change based upon the availability of speakers and experts.

If you are interested in learning more about CHESS, please contact: 

Isabel Xu
Director, Knowledge Economy, CBBC
Email: Isabel.Xu@cbbc.org

Thomas Clayburn
China Market Business Adviser, Knowledge Economy, Education Sector Lead, CBBC
Email: Thomas.Clayburn@cbbc.org

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