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Get listed in the International Import Expo 2020 digital brochure

by Tom Pattinson
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The Department for International Trade (DIT) and the GREAT Campaign are inviting companies to participate in a programme for China’s International Import Expo (CIIE) 2020 by listing in the DTI’s CIIE digital brochure.

CIIE is the UK government’s flagship trade show in China during 2020, and a fantastic opportunity for businesses to participate, promote their brand and grow their exports to China.

DIT has created a unique opportunity to bring together businesses, trade associations and regional partners for collaboration and promotion. The GREAT campaign will further raise participating businesses’ exposure and profile to professional audiences in China by listing in the digital brochure.

A series of online activities will be held to share information and enhance understanding of the China market.

Direct and facilitated virtual business matchmaking activities aim to drive focused pre-CIIE trade discussions.

Who is this relevant to?

Companies with the following objectives can participate:

  • Direct Trade – Products and service exporters with an interest to grow in China. The platform welcomes companies from: Agriculture, Food and Drink; Automotive and Advanced Manufacturing; Consumer and Retail; Creative and Sports; Education; Energy and Infrastructure; Financial and Professional Services; Life Science and Healthcare as well as Technology to participate and list. A series of promotional and marketing activities will be conducted to deliver private virtual meetings.
  • Services and Management – Ranging from innovative technology, logistics services, financial and consultancy services to tourism, digital solutions and related areas of expertise targeting both the UK and China market.
  • Investment – Companies aiming to invest in the China market. The digital brochure is ideal for promoting and highlighting capabilities, finding new opportunities and increasing market knowledge.

Why participate?

  • Sales and marketing – Listing in the Department for International Trade’s CIIE 2020 digital brochure is free of charge and open to all qualifying businesses. This is an opportunity for businesses to enhance their brand, build B2B partnerships, boost B2B sales and drive marketing initiatives within the China market. Companies will have administrative access to their digital profile to update information, view analytics and track profile visits.
  • Access and participate in online activities – A series of activities will be held throughout November to promote trade and investment. Use this opportunity to connect with partners and discuss opportunities for cooperation.
  • One-to-one business matchmaking opportunities – Through a smart navigator function provided in the digital brochure, your company will be accessible through search criteria including product type, keywords and sub-sector. Interested Chinese partners will then access a calendar within the digital brochure and schedule individual meetings to be held online.
  • Receive news and updates – Businesses can access their accounts to receive updated news related to CIIE and review their diary.

How does it work?

The first step is to register.  Email the China-Britain Business Council at CIIE2020@cbbc.org.cn to register your interest in signing up. The Company Information Collection Form will be shared upon successful sign up.

Prepare the requested information in the template, and return it by Friday 21st August.

DIT will arrange for the company profile to be uploaded.

Once the digital brochure (mini-site) is launched on 31st August, it will be accessible via PC or mobile (WeChat). Companies can log-in to review and adjust their profile with the account details provided.

The smart navigation function will enable a Chinese partner to search and identify a business by keywords and/or sector.

Provide availability for one-to-one business matchmaking, so companies can conduct virtual meetings.

A confirmation email will be generated to secure a meeting. Analytics on viewer traffic and a number of meetings arranged/confirmed will be provided. Note: A Voov meeting ID is required for meetings.

The digital brochure will be live throughout the autumn and after CIIE to maximise visibility and provide a virtual bridge to connect with Chinese partners.

Grow your brand in China

The China International Import Expo (CIIE)

CIIE provides a unique opportunity to further strengthen and deepen the UK’s long-term trade cooperation with China. It creates a unique platform for Chinese businesses, investors and consumers to connect with UK companies.

CIIE reflects China’s intention to further open up its markets and increase trade.  It encourages Chinese consumers and businesses to buy more products and services from across the globe.

UK at CIIE 2018

Former UK International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox attended the inaugural CIIE alongside a 50-strong UK business delegation in 2018. The UK was given ‘Country of Honour’ status, helping the delegation secure more than £2 billion of commercial deals across a range of sectors, including creative industries, healthcare, education, energy, mining and aviation.

Notable deals included:

  • A £30 million partnership between Clipper Media Capital and Arca Pictures on film co-production
  • A deal between TPP and Shanghai Kunfu Bio Technology to roll-out an AI-led health management app in Shanghai
  • A deal signed by Rolls Royce worth more than £850 million

The theme of the Pavilion was ‘Innovation is GREAT’.  It showcased cutting-edge Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies from ground-breaking British companies such as Mi Hiepa Sports, who promote Global Elite Football VR. The Pavilion also featured companies such as WorldFirst, ACCA, Lloyds Bank, Alibaba Cloud, the University of Buckingham, Rio Tinto, Baosteel and Anstee, GSK and Boots.

UK – China bilateral trade facts

UK trade with China (including Hong Kong) reached £104.5bn in 2019, the first time it has surpassed £100bn. China was the UK’s third-largest export market after the EU and USA.

In the four quarters to the end of Q1 2020, China was the UK’s:

  • 4th largest import market
  • 5th largest trading partner
  • 6th largest export country: UK exports to China grew by 28.0% to £31.2bn

In the four quarters to the end of Q1 2020:

  • Total UK exports to China and Hong Kong amounted to £44.6bn. This is an increase of 23.3% (£8.4bn) compared to the four quarters to the end of Q1 2019.
  • Total exports between the UK, China and Hong Kong accounted for 6.5% of total exports between the UK and all trading.
  • Of all UK exports to China and Hong Kong, £34.9bn (78.1%) were goods and £9.8bn (21.9%) were services.
  • UK exports of goods to China and Hong Kong increased by 26.9% or £7.4bn compared to the four quarters to the end of Q1 2019, while UK exports of services to China and Hong Kong increased by 12.0% or £1.0bn compared to the four quarters to the end of Q1 2019.
  • Total UK imports from China and Hong Kong were £56.7bn (a decrease of 2.0% or £1.1bn compared to the four quarters to the end of Q1 2019).
  • Total imports between the UK, China and Hong Kong accounted for 8.2% of total imports between the UK and all trading partners.

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