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CBBC launches its first AI-powered new Digital Adviser

by Tom Pattinson
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CBBC has launched “Chen”, a brand-new AI-powered digital adviser for UK companies interested in entering the China market. Born on 1st February, Chen is a free resource available to UK companies across all industry sectors, providing access to tailored advice on doing business in China.

China represents the second largest global economy and one of the fastest growing consumer markets, experiencing GDP growth of 6.5% in the final quarter of 2020. Despite the scale of this opportunity, China can be a complex and challenging market for UK businesses to operate in, with significant regional variations and a plethora of market barriers to contend with. A simple Google search on “China Business” yields over three billion results, making it difficult for businesses to know where to start.

Whether you need to learn more about complex local regulations, IP protection issues, setting up in China or simply how to communicate more effectively with clients and partners, there is a seemingly endless list of issues for UK companies to contend with when entering the China market. Chen has been specially designed to help companies to cut through the noise and to access the most relevant and important China knowledge for their business. Unlike most conventional chatbots, Chen helps to curate the content, information, and resources of greatest relevance to your business and sector. As well as key statistics and trends for your niche sector, Chen helps to identify the most relevant sector insights, reports, news items, and practical business guides to help to navigate the China market more effectively.

Chen will provide users with access to video content, resources and reports on doing business in China


Commenting on the launch of Chen, Matthew Rous says: “Chen is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in doing business in China. Whether you are a first-time exporter, are looking to expand your existing China business, or simply have a specific query that needs answering urgently, our digital adviser can help you to access the best information and advice as quickly as possible. China can be a tough market to crack at the best of times, so Chen is an invaluable free tool for any business to start building their knowledge and mapping out a China strategy”.

Companies simply need to visit www.cbbchen.org to start speaking with Chen directly. Users will then be asked to register free of charge and on completing the conversation will automatically receive a free summary report and links to key resources. Chen will also offer users the opportunity to schedule a follow-up meeting with one of CBBC’s sector advisers for a more in-depth consultation.

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