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CBBC launches ‘C2’ China Committee for members

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The China-Britain Business Council has announced the launch of its China Committee, providing a new forum for China-based member representatives to engage at a strategic level

The China Committee (or ‘C2’ for short) is made up of representatives of CBBC members who are based in Greater China and will be chaired by Duncan Clark who is also a Vice Chair of CBBC’s Board.

C2 will operate as a committee of the CBBC Board under Article 11 of the CBBC Articles of Association, providing a new forum for China-based member representatives to engage in the work of CBBC at a strategic-level.
Members of C2 were joined by HMA Dame Caroline Wilson for a breakfast briefing in Shanghai ahead of the launch meeting.
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“C2 arrives at a critically important time for British business in China,” said Duncan Clark, Chairman, BDA China. “Against a backdrop of uncertain geopolitics, a global pandemic, and the unparalleled growth of the Chinese market, now more than ever, UK companies need to be working together to address their concerns and, importantly, pursue new opportunities. C2 provides an ideal forum for us to do this.”

John Edwards, HM Trade Commissioner for Greater China at the Department of International Trade, delivering welcome remarks

“I would like to congratulate CBBC on the establishment of C2,” said Yu Yuantang, Deputy Director General of MofCom, who was also in attendance at the launch. “I look forward to the members of C2 making full use of their expertise and knowledge of China and the Chinese market to help play a positive and important role in promoting China UK trade and investment relations.”

Launchpad membership 2

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